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WN131002 continued work in new directory "paper/"

WN130115 change to files reflecting new approach RISC --> Isabelle.
  OLD files kept for copying text snippets throughout changes.
  Actual versions are marked by "!"

TPPL-abstract.tex             OLD
TPPL-formlos.tex              OLD
TPPL-goals.tex                OLD

TPPL-isabelle-content.tex     ! Florian
TPPL-isabelle.tex             ! Florian

TPPL-present-munich-OLD.tex   replaced by TPPL-present-munich.tex
TPPL-present-munich.tex       !

TPPL-require-content-OLD.tex  replaced by TPPL-require-content.tex
TPPL-requirements-OLD.tex     replaced by TPPL-requirementx.tex
TPPL-require-content.tex      ! 
TPPL-requirements.tex         !latex-main

WN121210 build is broken (on my machine)