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87 2459d 16h neuper / follow-ups to meeting Munich 17/18.Feb  
85 2506d 15h neuper /material/ notes from meeting 16.Feb: survey on representations  
84 2519d 15h haftmann /material/ less warty  
83 2519d 16h neuper /material/ conversion functions for npoly  
82 2519d 17h neuper /material/ tuned: finished mv files  
79 2531d 11h haftmann /material/ naive representation of n-polynomials -- proof of concept  
78 2533d 10h haftmann /material/ some drafting to understand hierarchical and one-level representation  
77 2533d 12h haftmann /material/ identified pointless definition  
76 2534d 17h neuper / added Fig.'space of discussion for poly-representation'  
75 2546d 19h neuper /material/ Florian's comments on MultiPolynomial.thy  
74 2546d 19h neuper /material/ update to Isabelle2013-1  
71 2565d 19h neuper / some notes in AD_Polynomial.thy  
70 2567d 00h schreine /material/ empty  
69 2567d 00h schreine /material/ empty  
68 2569d 21h schreine /material/ empty  
67 2569d 23h schreine /material/ empty  
66 2570d 22h neuper /material/ demo for meeting: calculations with (multivariate) polys  
65 2571d 16h neuper / AD_Polynomial with gcd on ring_div poly; preparations polished  
64 2578d 17h neuper / AD_Polynomial.thy now contains suggested code only; preparations.pdf contains new findings  
63 2602d 21h neuper / added AD_Polynomial.thy: collects references and trials AD subsections of Polynomial.thy