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86 2506d 12h neuper /paper/ removed old stuff from preparations.tex  
81 2522d 10h neuper / added space of discourse for polynomial representation to preparations.tex  
80 2524d 10h neuper /paper/ improved \S.1 of preparations.tex due to Florian's review  
76 2537d 10h neuper / added Fig.'space of discussion for poly-representation'  
73 2552d 10h neuper /paper/ copied build to paper/  
72 2552d 11h neuper /paper/ polished paper/preparations  
71 2568d 12h neuper / some notes in AD_Polynomial.thy  
65 2574d 09h neuper / AD_Polynomial with gcd on ring_div poly; preparations polished  
64 2581d 10h neuper / AD_Polynomial.thy now contains suggested code only; preparations.pdf contains new findings  
63 2605d 14h neuper / added AD_Polynomial.thy: collects references and trials AD subsections of Polynomial.thy  
62 2608d 09h neuper /paper/ added paper/preparations.pdf, too  
61 2608d 09h neuper / added to preparatory text for paper  
60 2615d 11h neuper /paper/ added hints, which Isabelle features could be interesting for mathematicians  
59 2615d 11h neuper / started with preparations for a paper on
"Isabelle's Polynomials for the Working Mathematician"