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64 2581d 12h neuper / AD_Polynomial.thy now contains suggested code only; preparations.pdf contains new findings  
61 2608d 10h neuper / added to preparatory text for paper  
59 2615d 12h neuper / started with preparations for a paper on
"Isabelle's Polynomials for the Working Mathematician"
50 2870d 18h neuper / NEW CA-->Isabelle keeping OLD versions, see README  
49 2909d 12h neuper / protocol WS+WN 10.Dec.2012 in TPPL-requirements // build is broken  
45 2935d 10h neuper / results from meeting in inst.f. elect.measurement, TUG  
39 2944d 12h haftmann / more on code generation  
35 2947d 12h neuper / reverted and cp back TPPL-goals.tex, references.bib  
33 2949d 10h haftmann / work continues  
29 2975d 15h neuper / sect.5: preexisting knowledge  
28 2977d 08h neuper / \citeme --> \cite in most cases  
11 3011d 17h haftmann / dropped some error-producing stuff  
9 3041d 20h neuper / Vienna Development Method: probably gainful to mention  
5 3048d 13h neuper / fwf-formlos as used for meeting Jul.25