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219 4138d 12h hemmecke /trunk/allprose/ Update to latest Makefiles (allprose 0.2.5)  
218 4444d 03h hemmecke /branches/labelless-experiment/combinat/ Smart-Merged from svn-trunk -r217.  
217 4448d 07h hemmecke /trunk/combinat/ Fixed the testFibonacci2 bug and adjusted documentation.  
216 4477d 11h rubey /branches/iso-experiment/combinat/ really remove DropEmpty  
215 4477d 11h rubey /branches/iso-experiment/combinat/ make FunctorialCompose work at least rudimentarily in Axiom, cleanup output of Subset  
214 4478d 17h rubey /branches/iso-experiment/combinat/ replace never by error message, when string is not a known species  
213 4480d 19h hemmecke /branches/labelless-experiment/combinat/ Converted to Species that don't take a LabelType parameter.
This version compiles with 5 failing tests.
212 4480d 20h hemmecke /branches/labelless-experiment/ A branch for experimenting with combinatorial species
that don't have the extra LabelType parameter.
211 4481d 05h hemmecke /trunk/combinat/test/ Added testFibonacci2 (species+series version).
These tests uncovers a bug.
210 4481d 07h hemmecke /trunk/combinat/test/ Added testFibonacci (series version).  
209 4491d 16h rubey /branches/iso-experiment/combinat/ add FunctorialCompose to parser  
208 4494d 05h hemmecke /trunk/combinat/ Added "-I $(AXIOM)/algebra" to the VARIANTFLAGSaxiom variable.
We expect to live there.
207 4546d 00h hemmecke /trunk/combinat/ Bugfix of LinearOrder and added some unit tests.  
206 4899d 05h hemmecke /trunk/combinat/ The MuPAD-Combinat page is  
205 4917d 08h rubey /branches/multisort-experiment/combinat/ modified the representation of multiset and multisubset, using ideas from the
object-example in the Aldor User Guide.

add a test for multiset and multisubset. generation and structures work.
Isomorphismtypes work too, but I didn't write a test yet.
204 4917d 14h rubey /branches/iso-experiment/combinat/ correct definition of generatingSeries$Subset
real coercion from Generator to Stream for Axiom
203 4943d 13h rubey /branches/iso-experiment/combinat/src/ coercion Generator to Stream  
202 4943d 19h rubey /branches/iso-experiment/combinat/src/ add extremely stupid algorithm for structures$Combinations

extend SetSpecies and Combination such that it's usable from Axiom
201 4957d 14h hemmecke /branches/multisort-experiment/ Merged from trunk revision 200.  
200 4957d 14h hemmecke /trunk/combinat/ Added \section commands, because ALLPROSE 0.2.5 no longer does that
automatically per file.

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