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218 4504d 12h hemmecke /branches/labelless-experiment/combinat/ Smart-Merged from svn-trunk -r217.  
213 4541d 04h hemmecke /branches/labelless-experiment/combinat/ Converted to Species that don't take a LabelType parameter.
This version compiles with 5 failing tests.
212 4541d 05h hemmecke /branches/labelless-experiment/ A branch for experimenting with combinatorial species
that don't have the extra LabelType parameter.
205 4977d 17h rubey /branches/multisort-experiment/combinat/ modified the representation of multiset and multisubset, using ideas from the
object-example in the Aldor User Guide.

add a test for multiset and multisubset. generation and structures work.
Isomorphismtypes work too, but I didn't write a test yet.
201 5017d 23h hemmecke /branches/multisort-experiment/ Merged from trunk revision 200.  
198 5053d 20h hemmecke /branches/multisort-experiment/combinat/ Add more documentation to describe the more requirements for the
design of multisort species.
197 5055d 02h hemmecke /branches/multisort-experiment/combinat/ First attempt to design multisorted species.  
196 5055d 02h hemmecke /branches/multisort-experiment/ Branch for a good design of multisort species.  
195 5056d 10h hemmecke /trunk/combinat/ - Added more species: LinearOrder, Cycle (cyclic permutations),
- Inside Axiom the species Permutation is available under
ACPermutation since there is already Permutation in libaxiom.
- Implemented first attempt for the isomorphismTypes of Compose.
The implementation is nearly correct, but must eventyally take
a multiset incredient into account.
- Old iso-types for Partition replaced by a version that
produces representatives.
194 5056d 13h hemmecke /trunk/combinat/ Docfix and little improvements.  
193 5057d 10h hemmecke /trunk/combinat/ Made test of Subset work.  
192 5058d 11h hemmecke /trunk/combinat/ Added Euler totient function.  
189 5063d 11h hemmecke /trunk/combinat/ - Implemented the Subset species and adapted the Times
constructor to use that species.
- isomorphismTypes$Times now produce representatives of
isomorphism types, i.e. the labels are all different.
- Added test for Subset.
- Test for functorial compose now uses Subset instead of
Times(SetSpecies, NonEmpty SetSpecies).

4 tests in TestCombinatorialSpecies
fail because of missing implementation of isomorphismTypes.
187 5063d 12h hemmecke /trunk/combinat/ The function "isomorphismTypes$Partition" now returns
representatives of isomorphism types, i.e. the labels are all
different. Updated the tests accordingly.
186 5063d 12h hemmecke /trunk/combinat/ Recorded an attempt to use a recursion formula of Stanley EC2 for
the exponentiation of power series. The code is unused because it
is slower than the current one.
185 5066d 15h rubey /trunk/combinat/ Modify compiler settings of the "ordinary" variant, to make clear which
optimisation settings cause trouble. Curiously, tests comparing values of cycle
index series fail additionally
184 5066d 23h hemmecke /trunk/combinat/src/ Docfix  
183 5066d 23h hemmecke /trunk/combinat/ Refactored so that cycleTypePower is not computed if the
corresponding moebiusMu factor is zero.
181 5068d 18h hemmecke /trunk/combinat/test/ Corrected typo in cycle index series of functorial compose (simple graph).  
180 5068d 21h hemmecke /trunk/combinat/ Extended cycle index series of simple graphs up to degree 6.  

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